Upcoming Events

Guided tastings in LA!

Whether you're a wine novice or an aficionado, we're here to spill the juice on what makes 'natty' wines so intriguing. Like, what makes it different from… the rest of wine? And more importantly, do you like it?

Join us for an evening guided by our team member Elodie, where you'll taste 10 unique wines, all crafted at Pali Wine Co. Select from one of our dates in February while seats are available!

Meet the Makers with Benny Boy!

Learn how Neighborhood and Benny Boy swapped grapes and apples to make this second vintage of our collab come to life! Taste our 'Pét Mac' and Benny's 'Orchard Orange' along with other best-sellers at this 'Meet the Maker' event.

Click here for tickets to Benny Boy's February Event.

A limited number of bottles will be available to take from after the event. Purchase your tickets for this bubbles-fest celebrating handcrafted wines and ciders!

Celebrate at Pali

Host your next special occasion or event at one of our outposts! Our staff will cater to your needs and work with you to make your event come to life.