Summer Sessions Vol. 4

What happens when natural winemaking meets fine art? This question inspired the creation of our Summer Sessions wines. With vibrant and eye-catching labels, ingeniously creative winemaking techniques, and an abundance of fun, we're thrilled to introduce our 4th volume of these unforgettable summer wines.

Launched in 2020, this exciting initiative pairs art and wine in a unique way. Each vintage, our resident artist, Nick Perr, crafts five one-of-a-kind labels that never fail to astonish our winery team. Inspired by the artwork on each label and the distinct vibes, our winemaker, Aaron, alongside the rest of the team, take on the challenge of developing daring and unconventional blends that resonate with the spirit of each label.

Produced in extremely limited quantities, these wines often sell out quickly, especially after fulfilling our summer Neighborhood Winery Club shipments. So if you're in the club, hooray! We hope you enjoy your allocation of our extraordinary 4th volume of Summer Sessions wines!

This year's theme transports you to the beach, featuring surfboards, palm trees, ice cream cones, '80s boomboxes, and bonfires to last all summer long! To learn more about each Summer Sessions Vol. 4 blend, become a member of our Neighborhood Wine Club. This ensures you'll secure next year's series and stay in the loop about all things natural wine.

Natural Wine - Neighborhood Winery Summer Sessions Vol. 4

'Board Meeting' White Wine Blend 

47% Vermentino, 47% Pinot Gris, 6% Sauvignon Blanc

This blend of various white wine varieties, including Vermentino, Pinot Gris, and Sauvignon Blanc, harmoniously combines notes of tart lemon, pear, and the delicate fragrance of an English rose. It reveals hints of tropical mist and a creamy texture. The overall flavor profile is highlighted by a cocktail-inspired note of Piña Colada and the refreshing sweetness of Satsuma. These flavors are all elegantly underlined by the earthy tones of dry brush.

Board Meeting - Natural Wine - Neighborhood Winery

'Cheat Day' Rosé

80% Sangiovese (Rosé), 19% Orange Muscat (Skin Contact), 1% Pinot Noir (Pressed)

This Rosé captivates with the aromatic allure of orange muscat. Exhibiting a blend of enchanting pink and salmon hues with a shimmering golden sparkle. The wine presents an enticing bouquet of orange blossom and apricots, providing a sensory experience that's akin to a delectable dessert. Drawing inspiration from the artwork on its label, this wine features the magic of the natural flavors of the grape varieties used, including creamy berry and playful skittle notes. Despite its dessert-like fragrance and taste, rest assured this wine is thoroughly fermented to a bone-dry finish.

Cheat Day - Natural Wine - Neighborhood Winery

'Amongst Fronds' Chilled Red 

50% Cabernet Pfeffer, 50% Gamay

This chillable red wine is delightfully light and easily enjoyable. It presents a tart cherry taste that is beautifully underscored by a hint of sweet smokiness, the refreshing character of a sea breeze, and a subtle touch of salinity. The unique aroma of a Cabernet Pfeffer is unmistakably present - a distinctive chalky minerality. The flavor profile is a delightful medley of strawberry and currant, with a prominent undertone of cherry. Further enhancing the palate is Marionberry, an iconic berry in Oregon where our Associate Winemaker, John Schultz, has honed his craft, complimented by the floral tones of violets and even more Marionberry.

 Amongst Fronds - Natural Wine - Neighborhood Winery

'Dirty Jams' Chilled Red

80% Sangiovese (Carbonic), 20% Pinot Gris (Skin Contact)

This wine is a unique blend, comprising a single barrel of carbonic Sangiovese harmoniously blended with skin contact Pinot Gris. Its intriguing flavor profile can be best described as a tropical orange wine, infused with the metallic notes of iron and the grounding essence of earth. On the nose, the wine expresses cherry and Loganberry without any rusticity, offering an incredible freshness. As for the taste, it predominantly exudes the tangy flavor of sour cherries. In essence, this wine is a true celebration of sour cherry.

Dirty Jams - Natural Wine - Neighborhood Winery

'Hot Stuff' Chilled Red 

98% Lagrein, 2% Viognier

'Hot Stuff' presents an intriguing balance between the robust personality of a Northern Italian red and the aromatic subtlety of a classic French white. The wine has a mesmerizing garnet hue, deep with just a hint of violet at the edge. On the nose, intriguing notes of dark berries and black cherries that define the Lagrein, while the Viognier addition gentle white blossoms and apricot, providing an unexpected yet delightful contrast. The wine explodes on the palate with the classic Lagrein characteristics of ripe plum, blackberry, and an undercurrent of savory spice and earthy minerality. But soon, the Viognier's influence returns, introducing a light floral nuance and a trace of stone fruit, which effectively tames the wine's tannic strength.

Hot Stuff - Natural Wine - Neighborhood Winery