The Club

With no fee to join and premier access to new and limited released wines, our wine club continuously cultivates new ways for you to enjoy our wine, events, and the Pali Wine community. And, it's pretty much a guarantee to always have great tasting wine! If you're not sure where to start, don't worry. Take a look around, explore our Shop, visit an Outpost to ask questions, and don't forget you can swap your club preference at any time!

​Four quarterly allocations featuring new releases and library wines

At least 20% off all club allocations and wine purchases at all Pali outposts and our online store

First access to newly released wines

Exclusive access to events, specials, and more

Complimentary tastings

Free shipping on orders $178 and greater

Refer a Friend benefit: $25 credit towards your next a la carte order

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Pali Wine Co.
What are the perks of being a wine club member?

As a wine club member, new releases, critically-acclaimed wines, and re-releases of library wines are reserved and gauranteed for you! Each of your quarterly allocations are uniquely designed to deliver excellent wines at their service, on their schedule, and error free.

You will qualify for 20% of all wine purchases at our outpost locations and on our website.

First dibs on special events, merchandise, promotions, and more!

When do i get charged?

You will be charged when you sign up and then again every 90 days when your next allocation is ready. Log into your subscription portal to check your scheduled next charge date!

When will i get my wine?

If you opt in to pick-up your wine club from one of our Pali Wine Co. Outposts, you will receive an email notification once your allocation is ready for pick-up. We kindly ask that you pick-up your allocation on a week day, or make a reservation over the weekend. Learn more about our wine club pick-up policy.

If you opt-in to ship your allocation, we will try our best to ship your order the first business day after you sign up. You will receive a notification detailing your tracking. Learn more about our shipping policy.

How do i get in touch regarding my wine club?

Please reach out to with any inquiries pertaining to our wine club subscription. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Can i customize my wine club shipment?

Great question! Currently we do not offer customized clubs, but we encourage you to use your wine club benefits to purchase bottles of your favorite Pali, Tower 15, or Neighborhood wines right here from our online store! You can always add-on bottles to your subscription through our account portal. We offer special deals to our wine club members on a quarterly basis.

If you have any specific requests or things you'd like us to know about your preferences, please reach out!

Can i put my subscription on hold?

Yes, we allow wine club members to skip thier shipment on a quarter-by-quarter basis. Log into your subscription portal and it's easy as 1, 2, 3...

While on hold, your wine club benefits will be suspended but you can stay in the loop for all of our new releases and easily reactivate at any time!

how do i cancel my membership?

We require our wine club members to commit to 4 quarterly allocations. Wine club cancellation requests must be received via phone or email at least 15 days prior to the next allocation you do not wish to receive.