Our Story

Co-Founders Tim and Judy Perr indulged their passion for wine through years of travel to the well-regarded wine regions of Europe and Northern California. The wines of France, Italy, Napa, and Sonoma all showed off distinct terroirs and specialized winemaking traditions. These wines were consistently of high quality, yet tended to be expensive and, in many instances, difficult to obtain. Having built out much of their personal collection from these prized wines, the Perrs began to hear murmurs about the burgeoning wine-growing hailing from California’s Central Coast regions, especially Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Being Los Angeles-based, the Perrs found these areas conveniently close to home and fun to explore. 

California’s Central Coast, at the time, was under-appreciated in its ability to grow poised, elegant wines compared to its European and Northern California peers. The area’s modest hotels located in stay-a-while towns and the bare-bones, industrial wineries were a stark contrast to the palatial chateaus and 5-star hotels that drew tourism to the more famous wine-growing destinations. Yet, the hardworking farmers and vintners of the Central Coast were producing world-class wines that also happened to be more accessible and affordable.

After many visits to the Central Coast wine regions and with a little back-of-the-napkin business planning, the Perrs decided to follow their dreams from being wine lovers to winery owners and founded Pali Wine Co. in 2005 with a focus on producing high quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Knowing little about the business side of winemaking, the Perrs tapped into the wealth of wine-growing knowledge of the local farmers and vintners whose lives were already dedicated to Central Coast winemaking. Those first years included collaborations with Central Coast legends Brian Loring, Bruno D’Alfonso, and Peter Cargasacchi. Nothing was sacrificed when it came to quality of the winemaking and Pali produced five Vineyard Designated Pinot Noirs in its inaugural 2005 vintage.  Wine Spectator scored three of the five wines 90-points or higher and named Pali one of its top 10 up-and-coming wineries.

In 2007 Pali’s founders brought on a young and local winemaker, Aaron Walker, who remains Pali’s head winemaker today. Together, the Pali team has produced remarkable and fair-priced wines vintage after vintage. The Perrs were achieving what they had set out to do – building a winery promising high quality wines in a more casual climate without a shred of snobbery. The effort was based on an uncompromised pairing of excellence and fair price, only achievable with total commitment to do all things Pali’s way.

In 2008, Pali moved into its own winery in the City of Lompoc. While Lompoc had been the home to many wineries over the years, the Pali Winery was the first building ever within the city limits that was built ground up to be a winery. This allowed Pali ultimate control over the winemaking process.

In 2012, Pali planted its own vineyards in the Sta. Rita Hills of Santa Barbara County and in the City of Sonoma in Sonoma County in order to control the quality of its wine from grape to glass. Today, two-thirds of Pali’s wine are made from fruit from its own vineyards, where sustainable farming techniques are used to ensure that each grape reaches its highest potential flavor while preserving the environmental health of the land. The grapes Pali does purchase are sourced from a handful of small, family-owned vineyards sharing wine-growing values consistent with its own. From the likes of Denner, Rancho La Viña, and Bien Nacido Vineyards, among others, Pali’s obsession with the Central Coast reigns true. These dreamy vineyards nurture their lands just as Pali does its own, prioritizing great fruit from which we produce great wines.

Pali’s deep-rooted love for California’s Central Coast carries over to its sister brands–Tower 15 Winery and Neighborhood Winery. Tower 15 sets out to produce powerful, small lot, nuanced wines inspired by the best available grapes, regardless of varietal, purchased from small, family-owned vineyards on the Central Coast. This label allows Pali’s patrons to experience wines beyond Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, still applying their signature take on wine growing and making.

The passionate obsession with handmade wines turned into a family affair when Tim’s and Judy’s son Nick joined the Pali team in 2017. Together, Nick and the winery team created Neighborhood Winery specializing in playful and creative natural wines that push the boundaries of conventional wine flavor profiles.

The Perrs and their small Pali team built their first Central Coast tasting experience outpost in the heart of Santa Barbara’s vibrant Funk Zone area. This tasting room became the basis of a new understanding that wine drinkers outside of traditional wine country were able to have a true winery tasting experience, straight from the source, without traveling for hours. Today, Pali’s outposts span across Southern California providing neighborhoods the easily accessible opportunity to experience Pali’s award-winning wines. Each of Pali’s outposts welcomes wine-drinkers at all levels of wine knowledge and always seek to provide hospitality that aligns with Pali’s high and meticulous standards.

From humble beginnings and larger-than-life goals, today Pali proudly delivers phenomenal wine, fair prices, and warm hospitality all done the Pali way.