Perr Family and Winemaker Aaron Walker on Pali Vineyard

In 2005, Tim and Judy Perr embarked on their journey to establish Pali Wine Co., a family-owned winery with a passion for crafting exceptional wines in Santa Barbara County. Their vision was to create a winery that would be treasured for generations to come. At the time, the potential of California's Central Coast to produce elegant, refined wines was under appreciated. The unassuming towns and humble wineries in the area stood in contrast to the glamour of more renowned wine tourism destinations. However, the dedicated farmers and vintners of the Central Coast were already crafting world-class wines that were accessible to all.

2005 - The Beginning of Pali Wine Co.

Over the following years, the Perrs swiftly progressed from wine enthusiasts to winery owners. They leveraged local expertise to ensure the highest quality winemaking, earned impressive ratings from Wine Spectator for their inaugural vintage, and brought talented winemaker Aaron Walker on board.

Tim and Judy Perr, Founders of Pali Wine Co.

In 2012, the Perrs took a significant step by planting their own vineyard in the Sta. Rita Hills of Santa Barbara County. This move allowed them to exercise control over the entire winemaking process, from grape to glass, ensuring the utmost quality.

Tim and Judy's dream of passing down their winery legacy to future generations became a reality when their son, Nick, and his soon-to-be wife, Carmen, joined the business. While they acknowledge that they are still learning, both Nick and Carmen are eager to carry forward their parents' vision, building upon the already outstanding wines. They aim to enhance and refine the winery's hospitality and wine tasting experiences, with a goal of attracting a diverse audience and preserving the land for generations to come.

Nick and Carmen Perr, Managing Partners at Pali Wine Co. with longtime winemaker Aaron Walker

In line with their vision, the Perrs took a pioneering step by opening their first Central Coast wine tasting outpost in Santa Barbara's vibrant Funk Zone. They broke new ground by demonstrating that authentic winery experiences were not limited to traditional wine country. Today, Pali's award-winning wines are widely accessible through their various outposts spread across Southern California, offering communities an easy and local opportunity to savor their exceptional offerings.

Aaron Walker, winemaker, on Pali Vineyard