Blood Moon - A Carbonic Harmony

In those moments of the year, when days gently sway between warmth and coolness with a touch of unpredictability, I find comfort in a chilled red wine, whether from Pali or beyond. These wines, often crafted through the carbonic maceration technique, are both refreshingly casual and delightfully complex—a beautiful marriage of flavors that meld together in harmony.

As I write this, preparing for my weekly dance class—a heartwarming addition to my life as I get ready to marry my long-time love, Carmen (a shout-out to Carmen in the Garden, My Fruit Trees)—I am not surprised that my arm is gently drawn to the refrigerator to pour a glass of our recently bottled 2022 Blood Moon. The hour is 5 o'clock; the sun, though low, still casts its warm embrace where it can, while the shadows remain cool.

As I take my dogs out for one last frolic in the yard before they are brought indoors so we may leave for class, I sip from my glass, my heart swelling with joy. Are the aromas drifting from my neighbor's jasmine vine? Or do they leap from the depths of the glass itself? The 2022 Blood Moon is a wine that makes you wonder, "Can this truly be composed of just grapes?" Indeed, it is. And yet, you will taste the ripest, most succulent strawberries and savor the most intense cherry nectar imaginable within this wine.

How about some history?

As I think back to 2019, I am filled with gratitude for the kind-hearted few who supported our dream of creating truly natural wines for the first time. Among these special wines was the 2019 Blood Moon. Born alongside its siblings, Dawn and Harvest Moon, these wines have grown and blossomed into exceptional offering, as represented by this most wonderful current vintage I'm drinking right now.

The inaugural vintage of Blood Moon was an exciting endeavor, embracing both the delightful and the imperfect. It was a wine that taught us to accept the harmonious alongside the disordered. The enchanting aromas of cherry and rose petals were accompanied by the more challenging notes of vinegar and kombucha. Although I've come to appreciate these unique flavors in other wines, we strive to keep them at bay in our own.

The open-mindedness of our team allowed me to propose the creation of a brand called 'Neighborhood Winery', a place where we could explore the world of native fermentation, free from winemaking interventions. This led us to the first vintage of Blood Moon, which carried enough momentum to bring us here, today.

The joy of trying something new is a deeply satisfying experience, but the journey of refining our craft brings an equally profound sense of fulfillment. With the 2022 vintage of Blood Moon, I feel proud, knowing that we have brought our vision to fruition.